[EN] 5 Steps to Bridge Social Media and Security « The Marketing Journalist

Businesses need to put security front and center in order to protect brand and customer confidence while learning to adopt the right controls, user education and policies.

5 Steps to help you navigate social networking without losing control:

1. Understand your user landscape – Run a social computing survey on how your users are currently using social media, types of social networks and frequency of use. This will give you great guidance on setting the framework for your strategy, education and social media policy.

2. Building the Terrain – Developing a social media strategy is crucial and needs to involve executive team and other key teams (including IT) to ensure that you’re using social media as leverage technology versus a burden technology. …

3. Educate users – … Teach your employees industry best practices on how to use these tools while staying safe online.

4. Set controls and policy – … Today, social media doesn’t reside solely in the hands of the social media strategist or the marketing team. We must learn to collaborate across IT teams and the entire organization to set the right controls and policies in place. …

5. Listen and monitor – While most of us know how to listen for and monitor our brand and conversations online, we have to extend this listening discipline to monitor what our employees are doing. …

A really goog take on Social Media taking risks into consideration, but try to manage them.

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