Monat: Juni 2012

Ein ansprechendes Video der Deutschen Bank, das sich mit dem Wandel in unser immer mehr Digitalen gesellschaft auseinandersetzt und Potenziale insbesondere auch für Open Government behandelt. Das entsprechende White Paper ist in deutscher und englischer Sprache verfügbar. Dirk Elsner kommentiert in seinem Blog, was denn nun für die Kreditwirtschaft bedeute. Interessant auch der Beitrag von Thomas-Frank […]

Purpose, that is what causes the missing middle.  Social media is ideal for supporting a compelling purpose.  Purposes that are clear, compelling and directly tied to specific tasks at specific times garner people’s attention, contribution, energy and action. The ability to identify, develop, deploy and engage people to deliver a purpose is a defining characteristic […]

These challenges require that business executives reassert leadership over IT initiatives. The business must demand that IT focus on five key initiatives: Commit to the cloud: Break down monolithic enterprise solutions into more app-like solutions that can be deployed quickly, independent of platform and in the cloud. Mobilize everything: Define processes to take advantage of […]