[EN] Microsoft vs Google: Office versus Advertising | ZDNet

Google are on the march, transforming from a search engine to a service that lets people merge the internet seamlessly into their social lives in ways that are just coming into focus to end users. Stephen Shankland’s excellent piece over on CNet ‘How Google is becoming an extension of your mind‘ does a good job of defining that statement. 

Google is becoming …an omnipresent digital assistant that figures out what you need and supplies it before you even realize you need it… 

The stakes are not least about continued relevance in the future, and Microsoft and Google both aspire to provide the complete underpinnings of your digital social life.  We are gradually leaving the document, operating system and portal era behind – … 

The bigger question though is whether the document based work environment is the buggy whip of our era, and Microsoft’s understandable reluctance to disrupt the great revenue the Office division yields may prove to be short sighted.  … 


via zdnet.com

Interesting posting by Oliver Marks. Not sure, if the analysis is appropriate without more seperating the business and the private scenario. But Oliver works put very well Microsofts dependancy on Office and documents and Google’s dependancy on advertising …

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