[EN] The 2013 #SocBiz Predictions in an Overview

During the last days I have selected some 2013 Social Business Predictions. Here they are in a summary. Nothing really extremely surprising, but I feel a good overview of what may or is coming in 2013 (and beyond):

December 21: “Focus on implementing Social” (Alan Lepofsky, Constellation Research)

December 23: “70 % of our employee workforce is disengaged at work” (Luis Suarez, IBM)

December 25: “Email will evolve into a Social Platform” (Ed Brill, IBM)

December 26: “Change the Culture of Business from Compliance to Collaboration” (Michael Idinopulos, Socialtext)

December 27: “Enterprise buyers will be looking to avoid the Dropbox effect”  (John Newton. Alfresco)

December 28: “Mobile is the new normal” (Brett Caine, Citrix)

December 29: From Punk Rock to Mainstream? (Tom Petrocelli)

December 30: “Web Experience Management is Becoming the New ERP” (Douglas Heise, CoreMedia)

And I would like to add the Top13 Social Business Trends in 2013 from Sandy Carter.

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