[EN] What is a Social Business Champion?

Social Business Champions are the agents of change who are driving social business initiatives in leading organisations around the world. They are the people who see things a little differently, and know there is a more social approach to operating business as usual. They are social media strategist, community manager, internal communicator and social analyst rolled into one. They are the ones who make social media a part of their job because they’ve started doing it – not because it’s in their job description.

The Social Business Champion’s role in driving organisational change

The model above displays a common route to scaling a social business, outlining the journey it takes to move social media from being siloed in one department to spread across many. A good social business champion is instrumental in moving this process along, and acts as the bridge between the different departments activating social media.

via The Role Of the Social Business Champion In Scaling Social Media.

Good definition of a Social Business Champions. I always recommend to identify these champions. There are always employees who are on Social Media. Identify them, integrate them in your Social Business efforts, give them a title, award them for their work. They are crucial to educate your broader population within your Enterprise!

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  1. Hi Stefan, thanks for acknowledging my post and for your comments. A lot of the time Social Business Champions are already fulfilling the role (sometimes in their own time) but without any recognition. As you say, they should be awarded for their work!

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