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[EN] Collaborative Overload: We need to track Assists and change Corporate Collaborative Culture

Collaboration Overload, this is the headline of a recent article on Harvard Business Review. And the authors describe the challenge: Consider a typical week in your own organization. How much time do people spend in […]


[DE] Unternehmen mit einer Kultur der Zusammenarbeit sind elf Prozent profitabler – Harvard Business Manager

Ein interessanter Beitrag zur Rolle wirklicher “Enterprise Leader” im Change Management. Ich mag einige der Statements, aber natürlich gefällt mir der folgende Absatz besonders gut: Zusammenarbeit ist alles Unternehmen, denen es gelingt eine Kultur der […]


[EN] Content and File Sharing is not enough: Innovation through Social Collaboration

When reading this article, I am smiling. Structured Enterprise Content Management and Social Collaboration were always overlapping. What do you collaborate about? Very often documents. How are you dong this? Fore structured workflows perhaps with the […]


[EN] Smart leaders allow ‘Bring Your Own Collaboration’ with a strong Safety Net underneath

This is (again) a great article by Dion Hinchcliffe on the hurdles of collaboration in the Enterprise. Some key statements: … collaboration often comes behind other urgent improvements to primary business applications … It’s expected […]

[EN] The sad Truth about Enterprise Collaboration and the Lack of Agility in Enterprise Software

Interesting thoughts from Cecil Dijoux on Collaboration and the hurdles to get things rolling: People who are not digital literate won’t see the value of online collaboration tools, especially if they don’t collaborate in the first […]

[EN] 32% of employees are willing to purchase Collaboration Tools to be as productive as possible|TechRadar

In today’s BYOD environment, it’s essential for employees to access the right information at the right time, from any device and in any location. According to Forrester, employees are beginning to purchase whatever devices and […]

[EN] From Email Pain to get Work done – New Enterprise Email Solution IBM Verse acting as Personal Assistant

The discussion about the death of mail is endless. My former IBM colleague Luis Suarez was propagating a life without emails over the last years. The IT consulting firm Atos Origin announced to work and […]

[DE] Von E-Mail zu Kon(VERSE)ation: IBM kündigt E-Mail an, die fit für die Zukunft der Arbeit ist

Die Diskussion um den Tod von E-Mail ist nicht neu. Mein ehemaliger  Kollege Luis Suarez hat in den vergangenen Jahren ein Leben ohne E-Mail propagiert. Das Beratungsunternehmen Atos Origin kündigte an, ohne E-Mail zusammenzuarbeiten. Der deutsche […]

[EN] “Built For Business: Don’t Ask A Consumer App To Do An Enterprise Job”

As you may imagine I am a friend of great mobile apps, but not a friend of using consumer apps to do the Enterprise job. But what does it tell us, when our employees are […]

[EN] The Yin and Yang of Collaboration: Engagement and Analytics

I like this posting by Rich Blank on the Yin and Yang of Collaboration: Engagement and Analytics. Here are some of my favorite quotes out of the posting – and a good graphic representing the […]