Six areas mentioned at that conference as areas ripe for Enterprise 2.0 improvement were:

  1. Sales acceleration
  2. Better inventory replenishment
  3. Time savings
  4. Faster ramp up of new employees, faster to productivity
  5. More diversity in collaboration groups that can lead to better innovation
  6. Reduced training costs

All six of those areas are attached to numbers in your balance sheet. If you improve your management of them by applying Enterprise 2.0 tools to make them more efficient, you should be able to see the results in your balance sheet as better financial performance numbers.

And if your goal is to reveal the value of Enterprise 2.0 – whether you’re using SharePoint or Cisco, or SAP, or IBM, something else — figuring out what pain exists in the processes your employees are engaged in and then eliminating that pain is the best thing you can do. Adoption will take care of itself if what you give them makes their business processes more effective.

To the point. Obviously I do not like people using these other tools mentioned, but theoverall message of Ethan Yarbrough is absolutely right. We need to apply Enterprise 2.0 implementations and tools to relevant business processes to be more successful on the road to an Enterprise 2.0. Otherwise we will forever have the ROI discussions and Enterprise 2.0 tools seen as nice-to-have and not a must!

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