Monat: Dezember 2011

[EN] Social Web: We are entering the golden age of civic engagement – Forbes

But lost in the mix in conversation so far is what’s perhaps the most astonishing development in 2011:  the rapid ascendance of a social web that is connecting many different kinds of participants previously left […]

[EN] 2012: Think Social Business, live Community Centric Strategy

5C’s as the engines of Social Business: Competition – Commitment – Content – Context – Collaboration. via Another great posting from my buddy Martin Meyer-Gossner. He writes: Social Business us about people and culture […]

[DE] Zwischen Watson und Siri – Sprachsteuerung als nächste Evolution

Nach der Einführung und dem Erfolg des iPads haben wir den Touchscreen als neues Eingabemedium gefeiert. Wir streicheln den Bildschirm den Monitor, eine Revolution in der Bedienung und eine grosse Herausforderung an die Software-Entwickler, die […]

[DE] Buchtipp der CIO-Redaktion: The Social Organization –

Wer das Thema erfolgreich anpacken will, muss die kollaborative Kraft der Tools ausreizen, um so mit der richtigen Strategie Unternehmensziele zu erreichen. Am erfolgreichsten seien Unternehmen, die beim Einsatz von Social Media die kollektive Intelligenz […]

[DE] Nutzer treiben Enterprise Software – Das nächste große Ding » t3n News

Allerdings wird der Treiber für die nächste Enterprise-Welle nicht sein, dass es interessante technische Entwicklungen im Bereich der SaaS-Angebote gibt. Der Treiber werden die Nutzer sein. Die Nutzer werden zunehmend fordernder werden in ihren Ansprüchen […]

[EN] The new quality of Customer Experience and Relationship in the Age of Social Business

I am busy these days planning some of the 2012 initiatives. One of my focus areas is to explain and spread, what Social Business means for Web and Customer Experience. In particular in Germany we […]

[EN] Customer Experience: Social & Web Merge And Become Hyper-Personal

#12. Social & Web Merge And Become Hyper-Personal The idea of “social media” is going away. As social networks merge into our content, we will stop looking at them as separate things, and instead as […]

[EN] The Web vs. Mobile Apps: How iOS and Android Are Disrupting The Open Internet

The sometimes-blind rush towards mobile apps has begun to concern me. For one, there’s little question that the proprietary element of apps — including their developer APIs, associated app stores, and underlying run-time platform and […]

[EN] Marketers Look to Integrate Email, Social, Mobile – eMarketer

Business executives said email, social media and mobile were all effective marketing channels for building customer loyalty and retention. In fact, 67% of business executives worldwide said email was a valued asset to achieving this […]

[EN] Discussions around Zero e-mail Policy

The zero email policy isn’t really a policy at all.  It’s a fantasy.  …  The idea that a large organization is eliminating the only means of a communication technology that easily and efficiently enables any […]