Monat: Januar 2012

[EN] IBM Focuses on the “Big Picture” at Lotusphere – Unified Communications Strategies

After looking at IBM’s line up, I determined that the only company that has a similar breadth of market coverage in mobility is Sybase – none of the other “UC” vendors even come close. The […]

[EN] HorizonWatching 2012 Trend Report: IBMs Watson Technology

IBM’s Watson is an emerging technology at the intersection of Big Data, Analytics and Human / Computer Interaction trends. The key enabling technology areas are: Natural Language Processing Semantic Analysis Information Retrieval Automated Reasoning Machine […]

[DE] Wirtschaftswoche: 5 Jahre iPhone: Wie Apple das Mobiltelefon neu erfindet « Kroker’s Look @ IT

 Quelle: via Es ist schon beeindruckend, wie das iPhone nicht nur die Telefonlandschaft verändert hat. Und dabei war es nur Schritt #1. Schritt #2, mindestens ebenso wichtig, ist dann das iPad. Unser Haushalt […]

[EN] Kurt De Ruwe, CIO of Bayer MaterialScience, on the Bayer way to become a Social Business

Here is an English langauge interview with Kurt De Ruwe, CIO of Bayer Material Science, about implementing IBM Connections as social network within the whole Bayer Group. Although or because Bayer is using Microsoft Office, […]

[EN] The Post-2.0 Era: Social in the Context of My Work (some quotes from Gartner)

Larry Cannell published some very interesting blog postings describing a move from Enterprise 2.0 to – as we call it – Social Business. Let’s face it. Enterprise 2.0 is getting old. Coined in 2006, the […]

[DE] Von Vision zur Realität: Social Business ist im Business angekommen – Ein erster Eindruck der Lotusphere

Die Lotusphere ist immer eine sehr wichtiges Ereignis, das zu Beginn des Jahres den Ton und Stimmung für das Thema Collaboration und Social Business und die entsprechenden Angebote der IBM vorgibt. Die Konferenz ist nahezu […]

[EN] If You Want a Culture of Collaboration, You Need to Accept the LOLCats Too | Social Media Strategery

If you want to create a vibrant culture of collaboration, you need to be OK with pictures of LOLCats, posts about the NFL playoffs, arguments about Apple and Android, and criticism of company policies. Accept […]

[EN] We need an intelligent system telling us when it’s time to act

So, the core of social business is to connect people with other people, tasks and information. That way you can mobilize people throughout the workforce, activating the relevant talent and expertise, to achieve just about […]

[EN] Edelman Insights: Social Business Planning in 2012

Social Business Planning View more presentations from Edelman Insights Very interesting presentation. Worth a walk through … Posted from Digital naiv – Stefan63’s Blog

[DE] Das Monk-Prinzip hat ausgedient – Ordnung versus Chaos | Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer

Ein interessanter Beitrag von Ulrich Kampffmeyer, der über die vergangenen Jahre die deutsche Szene für Dokumentenmanagement geprägt hat. Schon immer hat er sich intensiv mit dem Thema Dokumentenablage und Compliance – welche Daten und Dokumenten […]