The disciplined approach to rationalizing its technology assets, providing a bridge between the old and new by folding in email and calendaring and a concerted effort to provide one dashboard where collaboration can happen with people around unstructured and structured events is really good. … Whilst I think there are multiple pathways to infusing social software into the enterprise stack, ”IBM shops” out there will be pleased to see that they don’t have to endure more spaghetti integration between disparate systems as Connections offers a serious platform. …

There’s no doubt that its game on from IBMs perspective and any older perceptions of Lotus is a thing of the past. Given my strand of collaboration and social business (as illustrated on this blog), I feel that this is one incarnation of social business that has a shot at making social, truly mean business.

Sameer Patel’s posting on Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2012. Don’t agree on all statements, but great analysis.

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Veröffentlicht von Stefan Pfeiffer

Stefan Pfeiffer ist seit 2007 bei der IBM in verschiedenen Marketingpositionen tätig. Als gelernter Journalist hat er natürlich eine Leidenschaft für das Schreiben, die er hier im CIO Kurator, aber auch in seinem persönlichen Blog DigitalNaiv auslebt. Seine inhaltliche Leidenschaft im IT-Umfeld gilt dem digitalen Arbeitsplatz, dem Digital Workplace. Auf Twitter ist er als @DigitalNaiv „erreichbar“.

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