Monat: März 2012

[EN] Social Business: You are the Change Agent | The Social Customer (@briansolis)

When you joined the organization you’re at today, you most likely received a desk, a PC, a phone, an email account, etc. You probably didn’t receive a Twitter handle or a Facebook page. You brought […]

[EN] The Definition of Social Business? | The Marketing Nut

Becoming a social business is about your people engaging, communicating, sharing with and helping the people in a way brings value to the people and supports your brand promise. … Social business doesn’t start on […]

[EN] Should I send this Email? What an important question in the workplace

Interesting infograph on if and when to use E-Mail. Found this here on this posting Is Email Overload Killing Your Productivity?. And check out the website Outside the inbox: Created by:   Posted from […]