Monat: März 2012

[EN] How social technologies and behaviour are changing the Enterprise and the relationship to customers

This is the presentation I gave at the GUIDE Executive Club in Munich on March, 27, 2012 on Social Business. Business made Social – How social technologies and behaviour are changing the Enterprise and the […]

[EN] Key Lesson learned: Embed Social in the heart of your processes

1. Germany leads the pack. Germany stes the bar in social software adoption, with major deployments at companies like BASF, Bayer, GAD, Sennheiser and more. The pattern of success is that they began with a business […]

[EN] Social Business: You are the Change Agent | The Social Customer (@briansolis)

When you joined the organization you’re at today, you most likely received a desk, a PC, a phone, an email account, etc. You probably didn’t receive a Twitter handle or a Facebook page. You brought […]

[EN] The Definition of Social Business? | The Marketing Nut

Becoming a social business is about your people engaging, communicating, sharing with and helping the people in a way brings value to the people and supports your brand promise. … Social business doesn’t start on […]

[EN] Should I send this Email? What an important question in the workplace

Interesting infograph on if and when to use E-Mail. Found this here on this posting Is Email Overload Killing Your Productivity?. And check out the website Outside the inbox: Created by:   Posted from […]

[DE] Meine 10 Thesen zu Social Business (nach der Lotusphere, vor der CeBIT 2012)

Das sind meine 10 Abschlussthesen, die ich auf der Business Gets Social-Roadshows von Softwerk und als Zusammenfassung meiner Keynote und Lotusphere-Nachbetrachtung aufgestellt habe: Es geht um mehr als Facebook fürs Unternehmen (auch wenn die […]