Monat: August 2012

[EN] The new Role of Chief Marketing Technology Officer

via Line of business, in particular Marketing, influences more and more technology purchasing decision. This infographic is recommending a Cheif Marketing Technology Officer, who understands both, Marketing and Technology, in particular Digital Marketing and […]

[EN] Selling Social Business to the CFO | Enterprise Strategies | @Greg2dot0

A great reading. This time from Greg Lowe. We – the technologists – need to focus much more on talking business value. Check out the complete posting! What’s important to the business? To get started, […]

[EN] Social Technologies are changing the World – and the Enterprise – Harvard Business Review

The McKinsey-study has already been covered broadly. Nevertheless a good summary. And it always worth to spread some of the key findings: The business world knows (or thinks it knows) a lot about how social […]

[EN] SugarCRM becomes the core of IBM’s next-generation CRM » Ovum

IBM has a number of internal transformation projects under way, all of which have been brought into the CIO’s office. One very significant transformation is the move away from a traditional sales approach of micro-managing […]

[EN] – European #SocBiz Blog is LIVE

The new European #SocBiz Blog is live under First posts have been published and we are looking forward to your participation. It should become a place, where the dialogue in particular between European Social […]

[EN] Why C-Level Should Get Used to Less Control – Forbes

Social media is an important part of how leaders can communicate with their employees and external stakeholders, but Groysberg warns it’s only a tool: “Fundamentally, if you try to build a conversation-powered corporation, technology can […]

[EN] Demand Generation for the C-Suite: How to Hit the Right Spot – The Marketing Journalist

The C-level isn’t going to take a cold call or enthusiastically sit through a sales-oriented or product-centered webcast, so make sure your demand gen efforts are holistic by developing content across key topics that these […]

[EN] Portals and KM: Social Software Market Keeps Growing

IDC also ranked the top vendors from a revenue perspective in a different study, „Worldwide Enterprise Social Software 2011 Vendor Shares.“ Tops by far was IBM with $105.4 million, followed by Jive Software ($65.3 million), […]

[DE] Über die verkrampften Industriekapitäne der Deutschland AG und das Problem der digitalen Demenz | Ich sag mal

Zwei Welten prallen im Netz aufeinander: Bürokratie und hierarchisches Management gegen verspieltes Experimentieren. Unternehmen, für die ein Twitter-Account schon die Zeitenwende bedeutet, werden daran verzweifeln. …  Toffler sprach von der „Adhocratie“. Bürokratien eignen sich bestens […]

[EN] Build a private social network that employees will actually use – Computerworld

Better yet, make social networking integral to other tasks, advises Ethan McCarty, digital and social strategist at IBM. McCarty says all 400,000 global employees use IBM’s homebuilt social networking platform, Connections, which is also sold […]