Monat: August 2012

[EN] The new Role of Chief Marketing Technology Officer

via Line of business, in particular Marketing, influences more and more technology purchasing decision. This infographic is recommending a Cheif Marketing Technology Officer, who understands both, Marketing and Technology, in particular Digital Marketing and […]

[EN] Selling Social Business to the CFO | Enterprise Strategies | @Greg2dot0

A great reading. This time from Greg Lowe. We – the technologists – need to focus much more on talking business value. Check out the complete posting! What’s important to the business? To get started, […]

[EN] Social Technologies are changing the World – and the Enterprise – Harvard Business Review

The McKinsey-study has already been covered broadly. Nevertheless a good summary. And it always worth to spread some of the key findings: The business world knows (or thinks it knows) a lot about how social […]

[EN] Why C-Level Should Get Used to Less Control – Forbes

Social media is an important part of how leaders can communicate with their employees and external stakeholders, but Groysberg warns it’s only a tool: “Fundamentally, if you try to build a conversation-powered corporation, technology can […]

[EN] Demand Generation for the C-Suite: How to Hit the Right Spot – The Marketing Journalist

The C-level isn’t going to take a cold call or enthusiastically sit through a sales-oriented or product-centered webcast, so make sure your demand gen efforts are holistic by developing content across key topics that these […]

[DE] Über die verkrampften Industriekapitäne der Deutschland AG und das Problem der digitalen Demenz | Ich sag mal

Zwei Welten prallen im Netz aufeinander: Bürokratie und hierarchisches Management gegen verspieltes Experimentieren. Unternehmen, für die ein Twitter-Account schon die Zeitenwende bedeutet, werden daran verzweifeln. …  Toffler sprach von der „Adhocratie“. Bürokratien eignen sich bestens […]