December 2012 – time to look forward to 2013. Here are some of the Social Business Predictions from Michael Idinopulos is chief customer officer and general manager of Socialtext.

When it comes to today’s fast-paced workplace, there’s no better place for social collaboration. But over time, our society has changed from an open setting of collaborative work to a closed, cubicle environment where work is isolated and trapped, confined by our digital domain. …

… Breaking down the “private office” has become easier than ever and has unleashed what can only be described as a productivity revolution. …

Enterprise social software will no doubt continue to create a more engaged workforce that is actually getting work done instead of just talking about it. Social has become the one-stop shop for communications, learning, feedback, documentation and more. I expect this trend to grow as we continue to change the culture of business from compliance to collaboration.

via Social Business: 5 Trends To Watch For 2013 And Beyond – Forbes.

Veröffentlicht von Stefan Pfeiffer

Stefan Pfeiffer ist seit 2007 bei der IBM in verschiedenen Marketingpositionen tätig. Als gelernter Journalist hat er natürlich eine Leidenschaft für das Schreiben, die er hier im CIO Kurator, aber auch in seinem persönlichen Blog DigitalNaiv auslebt. Seine inhaltliche Leidenschaft im IT-Umfeld gilt dem digitalen Arbeitsplatz, dem Digital Workplace. Auf Twitter ist er als @DigitalNaiv „erreichbar“.

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