Jacob Morgan on the Future of Work. Great Summary:

For as long as organization’s have existed there have been a set of unwritten principles that we have all followed. Some of them are that employees came into the office at 9 and worked until 5, managers made all the decisions and those who brought in the most money got promoted, … In short, work was not pleasant. As I’ve repeated many times, some of the dictionary synonyms for “employee” are: slave, cog, servant. Synonyms for “work” include: drudgery and daily grind. And synonyms for “manager” include: slave-driver and zookeeper.

Replacing sharepoint and email is not going to change the fact that our organization’s were built from the ground up with these types of stereotypes firmly in place.

No, the future of work is not about replacing sharepoint and email, it’s about re-defining what work means, why we work, and how we work. Pass this along to anyone who thinks otherwise.

via The Future of Work is NOT About Replacing Sharepoint and Email : CloudAve.

Well, I agree in a lot what Jacob writes: „the future of work is not about replacing sharepoint and email“, BUT it helps to replace them with people-centric solutions beside the cultural change. Email and file silos for sure do not help to redefine the future of work.

Veröffentlicht von Stefan Pfeiffer

Stefan Pfeiffer ist seit 2007 bei der IBM in verschiedenen Marketingpositionen tätig. Als gelernter Journalist hat er natürlich eine Leidenschaft für das Schreiben, die er hier im CIO Kurator, aber auch in seinem persönlichen Blog DigitalNaiv auslebt. Seine inhaltliche Leidenschaft im IT-Umfeld gilt dem digitalen Arbeitsplatz, dem Digital Workplace. Auf Twitter ist er als @DigitalNaiv „erreichbar“.

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