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A very interesting interview with my colleague Marie Wallace. I like her fresh thinking on analytics, the role of the computer and where it should and her view on protecting the individual. Here are my favorite quotes, but for sure the whole interview is worth to read.

I personally don’t believe that computers have gotten particularly smart in recent years, at least as it relates to the knowledge worker. They don’t respond to our e-mails, prepare our reports, perform research, read and summarize articles, prioritize work items, etc. They just shove more and more stuff at us and expect us to handle the deluge. This is why I believe that cognitive computing and people analytics will become increasingly important as it aims to “make computers smarter for people”.

And to answer your question about my philosophy, personally it’s about putting people first. I want to live in a world where technology enriches our lives and I feel that analytics badly implemented has the potential to exploit. So for me it’s all about ensuring that individual interests are protected, that trust is developed and maintained, and that analytics never exploits the individual.

via Marie Wallace of IBM | Social Media Today.

Veröffentlicht von Stefan Pfeiffer

Stefan Pfeiffer ist seit 2007 bei der IBM in verschiedenen Marketingpositionen tätig. Als gelernter Journalist hat er natürlich eine Leidenschaft für das Schreiben, die er hier im CIO Kurator, aber auch in seinem persönlichen Blog DigitalNaiv auslebt. Seine inhaltliche Leidenschaft im IT-Umfeld gilt dem digitalen Arbeitsplatz, dem Digital Workplace. Auf Twitter ist er als @DigitalNaiv „erreichbar“.

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