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[EN] Digital Transformation and Senior Leaders – And a different Approach to the Digital Workplace needed?

Interesting statements: You know how the story goes: a wave of digital disruption is hitting our organizations, with the potential to change how we work. We know what changes are required, but oblivious senior leaders […]

[EN] Collaboration: Avoiding Data Breaches versus Sharing and Communication

According to the Ponemon Institute, 23 percent of breaches are caused internally, by accident or by malicious intent. … What about email attachments? Osterman Research noted (pdf) that 95 percent of all business emails sent have attachments. […]

[EN] Even with AI, people are still the driving force of innovation – SiliconANGLE

AI is already disrupting not only the tech industry, but also nearly every other industry, from hospitality to healthcare to automotive and beyond. It will likely be a few more years before we can gauge […]

[EN] Digital Workplace: Digital R*E*S*P*E*C*T

Digital R*E*S*P*E*C*T At the end of the day, respect for other people and their time should lie at the foundation of how we work. This remains true in the digital workplace, where the tools that […]

[EN] The Digital Workplace: It is about People, Places, Platform, Culture and Adoption

Very interesting thoughts on the different aspects of productivity at the workplace: In short, while we have long championed tools to improve enterprise productivity, the greatest gains may be in re-working the physical, not technological, […]

[EN] McKinsey: Successful Digital Transformation needs all Employees and clear Communication

Very interesting study: Transformation needs buy-in from all levels including frontline employees and a much better communcation A new survey suggests that for their transformations to succeed, organizations need employee buy-in at all levels, consistent […]

[EN] Innovation: Diverse Teams outperform, network your Organization

Great posting on the 4 things you need for an innovative culture. My favorite one is of course on collaboration: All too often, we think of innovation as the work of lone geniuses who, in […]

[EN] Why Social Collaboration fails: Old Habits and Persistence, Command and Control

The obvious question is: Why the corporate social network lacks the participation and lively zest found in consumer social media systems? And what can be done about it? Source: Learning from HBR: Making corporate social […]

[EN] The real Collaboration Challenge: Get your Employees interested. And give them a Hand … After all

Great article by Paul Rubens on Computerworld Malaysia with a lot of truth: The real challenge is to get your employees adopting your solution (whatever it is): „G2 Crowd found that only four platforms could […]

[EN] AI Is More Than Machine Automation: It’s About Human Augmentation

Great read on Artificial Intelligence and how we should approach, control and manage it: AI to Augment Human Processes he future of AI in the workplace is not about AI as a crutch, automating tasks […]