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[DE] Wettbewerbsfaktor Social Business – Ergebnisse der Experton Studie als Infografik

In dieser Infografik sind die Ergebnisse der Experton-Studie schön visualisiert worden:

[EN] Star Trek Reloaded? Eight of Nine – IBM rules the Social Business Market – New Study from Experton

If you are reading a lot of analyst studies, you usually have the choice between ‚best of breed‘ and ‚best platform offering‘. This time it is different. Experton, the European Analyst firm, did an extensive […]

[DE] Star Trek Reloaded? 8 von 9 – IBM dominiert den Social Business Markt – Neue Studie von Experton

Analystenstudien unterscheiden in aller Regel immer zwischen besten Einzelprodukten einer Kategorie (‚Best of breed‘) und Produktsuites, (‚Best Platform Offerings‘), die alle Funktionen eines Themenbereichs abdecken. Dieses mal ist es anders. Experton, das europäische Analystenhaus, hat […]

[EN] Evolution of the networked enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey results on Social Business

Interesting result out of a McKinsey survey confirming that Social is on the rise and merging with Cloud, Mobile and Big Data. Beyond technology it is obvious, that organizational barriers and change seems to be […]

[EN] 2013: The Year Of Digital Business | Forrester Blogs

A very thoughtful blog posting by Nigel Fenwick. Here are a few quotes I found in particular interesting. This is one every business leader should read, who tries to prohibit social communication tools in the […]

[DE] The Digital Society – Video from Deutsche Bank Research

Ein ansprechendes Video der Deutschen Bank, das sich mit dem Wandel in unser immer mehr Digitalen gesellschaft auseinandersetzt und Potenziale insbesondere auch für Open Government behandelt. Das entsprechende White Paper ist in deutscher und englischer Sprache […]

[EN] A Social Organization is one that is able to mobiles social in ways that enable it to apply the knowledge and insight of your people, customers and the community

Purpose, that is what causes the missing middle.  Social media is ideal for supporting a compelling purpose.  Purposes that are clear, compelling and directly tied to specific tasks at specific times garner people’s attention, contribution, […]

[EN] Forrester: Software Spending to Rise Pushed by BI, Cloud Computing, Mobilization

Forrester: predicted software spending via Not sure if I do really believe in such predictions to much. Nevertheless being responsible to market Collaboration solutions this is encouraging. Posted from Digital naiv – Stefan63’s Blog

[EN] Variations on Hype Quadrants.. no Magic Hype… no, Hype Cycle.. or is it Magic Quadrant?

Gartner introduced their Real (Magic) Quadrant: via Very nice. Check out the other visualizations … Posted from Digital naiv – Stefan63’s Blog