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[EN] Predictive Analytics and Customer Experience can be a Dangerous Mix – Chief Marketing Technologist

Ever experienced an overbooked flight at an airport? Hearing the offer to get some cash, if you take the later flight or stay overnight? Well, I heavily recommend to read this posting and the thoughts […]

[EN] „Creating a world we want to live in and not some Orwellian nightmare“ | Marie Wallace of IBM on Social Media Today

A very interesting interview with my colleague Marie Wallace. I like her fresh thinking on analytics, the role of the computer and where it should and her view on protecting the individual. Here are my […]

[EN] The Yin and Yang of Collaboration: Engagement and Analytics

I like this posting by Rich Blank on the Yin and Yang of Collaboration: Engagement and Analytics. Here are some of my favorite quotes out of the posting – and a good graphic representing the […]

[EN] Build a smarter enterprise. With the power of social, mobile, cloud, big data & analytics [Video]

New video on  „Build a smarter enterprise. With the power of social, mobile, cloud, big data & analytics“ to promote IBM’s presence at CeBIT 2014 in hall 2, booth A10, 10 — 14 March in […]

[EN] Social Processes See Customers, Employees, Citizens As Markets Of One – Forbes

In the 15 months since their first notice to acquire Kenexa, and across their other various recent acquisitions, IBM’s intentions for social business are starting to crystalize. At the recent IBM Connect 2014 event, I […]

[DE] ‚Datability‘ – Respekt vor dem Kunden statt manipulierbares Klickvieh

Zuerst erschienen im CeBIT-Blog und mein Beitrag zur Themenwoche und Blogparade “Social Business & Future Workplace” der CeBIT. Datability, das Motto der CeBIT 2014 – ich soll es kommentieren und tue mich schwer damit. Ist […]

[DE] „Big Data“ – Risiken, Chancen und Aufgaben

„Big Data“ ist ein neues Modewort, das nicht nur die IT Industrie durch das digitale Mediendorf treibt. Auch „The European“ widmet sich in seiner aktuellen Printausgabe des Themas. Die Beiträge sind wohl geschrieben worden, bevor […]

[EN] Analytics for HR augments, does not replace good management « A Smarter Planet Blog

Great posting from Bob Sutor. I in particular like this paragraph on HR and analytics: Data augments, not replaces, good management With all of this analysis and heat mapping, the question of “will a computer […]

[EN] Evolution of the networked enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey results on Social Business

Interesting result out of a McKinsey survey confirming that Social is on the rise and merging with Cloud, Mobile and Big Data. Beyond technology it is obvious, that organizational barriers and change seems to be […]

[EN] Smart Social Q&A builds bridge between people and knowledge within a company – Thomas Schaeck on Social Business features of the future

Very interesting conversation with Thomas Schaeck from the IBM Lab in Boeblingen talking about aspects of the future development of IBM’s Social flagship product Connections. I am always stressing, how important analytics and providing users […]