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[EN] The Role of Social Media in B2B buyers’ decision making | CustomerThink

Some key facts and recommended read on the role of social media in B2B buyers‘ decision making, which should make us think. To put this in perspective, one American university study found a massive 75% […]

[EN] Marketing: Why not focus on 70% of B2B Buying Processes, which are completed before Sales get involved?

A series of interesting facts and figures, which should make every marketer rethink their content offerings. A little bit black and white and banging on Marketers (while not covering the other side of the house, […]

[EN] B2B Sales: Sales People are still in

Some interesting facts out of SiriusDecisions “2015 B-to-B Buyer Study”. The buyer journey seems still to be a combination of Sales and Marketing touches: B2B buyers interact with sales representatives at every stage of the buyer’s […]

[EN] Truly Integrated Marketing: Not Social. Not Content. Not Search. All of Them. Together.

Good summary of 5 Top Marketing Trends to consider for 2015: 1. Truly Integrated Marketing: Not Social. Not Content. Not Search. All of Them. Together. For a while there, companies were disproportionately focused on search […]

[DE] Meine Spülmaschine, von möglichem, besserem Service und zur Partnerschaft zwischen Apple und IBM

Unsere Spülmaschine ist defekt. Am Montag kommt der Reparaturservice. Zum dritten Mal. Toll ist es, dass man den Techniker online direkt mit Auswahl der gewünschten Zeitspanne bestellen kann. Nicht so toll ist, dass die beiden […]

[EN] Marketing in the ‚Social Age‘ | My Blog Entries as eBook

I am a child of the Email Age, used to email newsletters, to direct mail and onsite events. Then the Web and this Social media-thing came along dramatically changing the world of Marketing, in B2C […]

[EN] B2B Marketing Needs Durable Systems of Engagement

This article was first published on CMSwire. Anyone looking to sell IT technology business-to-business (B2B) has it pretty hard these days. Decision-making processes have become more complex and more people have a say. A recent […]

[DE] Engagiert sein: Marketing im B2B heute braucht nachhaltige „Systems of Engagement“

Wer heutzutage IT-Technologie im Business-to-Business (B2B) verkaufen will, der hat es schwerer als Jahre zuvor. Der Entscheidungsprozess ist in vielerlei Hinsicht komplexer geworden. Mehr Leute reden mit. Durchschnittlich 6, in Deutschland sogar 7 (Mit-)Entscheider aus […]

[DE] Social Business im B2B: Connect – Share – Collaborate – Profit

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Prof. Dr. Heike Simmet:
Viele B2B Unternehmen zögern noch mit der Einführung der Prinzipien eines Social Business. Ihnen fällt es schwer, einen konkreten Vorteil für das eigene Unternehmen zu erkennen.…

[EN] Social Media: B2B IT Buyers Expect to Soon Give More Weight to Social Content Than Editorial and White Papers | BtoB – Advertising Age

… a new study by IDG Connect — … — shows that IT buyers will soon look to social media as the single most important content source to inform their buying decisions. When compared to […]