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[EN] The Digital Workplace: It is about People, Places, Platform, Culture and Adoption

Very interesting thoughts on the different aspects of productivity at the workplace: In short, while we have long championed tools to improve enterprise productivity, the greatest gains may be in re-working the physical, not technological, […]


[EN] McKinsey: Successful Digital Transformation needs all Employees and clear Communication

Very interesting study: Transformation needs buy-in from all levels including frontline employees and a much better communcation A new survey suggests that for their transformations to succeed, organizations need employee buy-in at all levels, consistent […]


[EN] Why Social Collaboration fails: Old Habits and Persistence, Command and Control

The obvious question is: Why the corporate social network lacks the participation and lively zest found in consumer social media systems? And what can be done about it? Source: Learning from HBR: Making corporate social […]


[DE] Altmodische Tugenden und das Geschäftsleben

In der Ethik bezeichnet der Begriff eine als wichtig und erstrebenswert geltende Charakter­eigenschaft, die eine Person befähigt, das sittlich Gute zu verwirklichen. via Tugend – Wikipedia. Wer sich so das Geschäftsleben, den Quartalswahnsinn, die Bürokratieorgien heutzutage […]

[DE] Ein persönlicher CeBIT 2015 Rückblick: Digitale Transformation & die Aufmerksamkeit im Management

Ein kleiner Dialog auf Twitter nach meinem Impulsvortrag zum Ende von Social Business auf der Social Business Arena am ersten Messetag der CeBIT 2015. Danke alle Diskutanten, live, auf Twitter und auf anderen Kanälen. Quo […]

[EN] From Command-and-Control-by-Excel to Self-Responsibilty-while-not-forget-Performance-Mentality

In short, we need to revamp our workplace tools and culture to drive higher and healthier productivity. Command and control is out. Performance-driven cultures where management seeks high productivity but gives employees more freedom to […]

[DE] Von Excel-Führungskräften, Berichtsorgien und Planungsillusionen – Eine Ergänzung zu @gsohn

„Statt auf die Potenziale ihrer Mitarbeiter zu setzen, verstecken sich die Excel-Führungskräfte hinter Berichtsorgien und Kennzahlen-Management. … Eine Organisation im Optimierungswahn über bürokratische Prozesse fördert die kollektive Dummheit in Unternehmen. Exzellenz, Aufbruchstimmung und visionäres Denken […]

[EN] Social Tools are in the Organizations – Those with formal Strategy succeed

Interesting report by McKinsey. Social Tools arrived in business, but there is still space for improvement. Those organizations implementing specific practices that support organizational change are gaining the greatest benefits: The fully networked organizations are also […]

[EN] Cultural Transformation is the Main Challenge for Digital Transformation

This is a perfect fit to my yesterdays posting on the Social Business Journey: Cultural transformation is the main challenge for digital transformation. Digital businesses map out customer journeys and ensure that products turn into […]

[EN] Not Overnight: The Way to become a Social Business is a Journey

The payoffs are significant: A 2012 report by the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that full implementation of social technologies — going beyond email to internal social media and collaboration tools — would raise the productivity […]