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[EN] 10 Ingredients for a Successful ‘System of Engagement’ in Marketing [Posting]

OR From Mass Marketing to ‚Systems of Engagement‘ (with special Focus on B2B) This article is based on a presentation I gave end May at the DNUG Conference.  It is no longer possible to ignore […]

[EN] Marketing in the ‚Social Age‘ | My Blog Entries as eBook

I am a child of the Email Age, used to email newsletters, to direct mail and onsite events. Then the Web and this Social media-thing came along dramatically changing the world of Marketing, in B2C […]

[EN] 10 Ingredients for a Successful ‚System of Engagement‘ in Marketing [Presentation]

OR From Mass Marketing to ‚Systems of Engagement‘ (with special Focus on B2B) This is my presentation from the DNUG – The Collaboration Professionals yesterday. A German language posting has already been published here. Stay […]

[DE] 10 Zutaten für den Weg vom Massenmarketing hin zu aktivem Engagement mit dem Kunden

Es ist nicht mehr zu übersehen: Die Art, wie heute Produkte gekauft werden, hat sich durch das Internet, das soziale Netz und die Vielzahl der mobilen Geräte, mit denen man „always on“ sein kann, dramatisch […]

[EN] Can’t you get it into your Head? Email and Social Media represent two entirely different Marketing Tools!

This week I found myself buried in emails. A study by ExactTarget predicts that in 2014 marketers will send out even more emails, while McKinsey writes “email rocks” and recommends we all stick with marketing […]

[DE] Bitte endlich kapieren: E-Mail und Social Media im Marketing sind grundlegend verschiedene Werkzeuge

E-Mail hat mich diese Woche eingeholt. Eine Studie von ExactTarget sagt voraus, dass Marketiers in 2014 noch mehr E-Mails verschicken werden. Und McKinsey schreibt „E-Mail rocks“ und fordert dazu auf beim Versenden von E-Mail zu […]

[EN] Automating the Lead-to-Revenue-Management in B2B | Forrester Research

The new digital world empowers business buyers with access to tools and information that help them explore solutions prior to engaging in any sort of formal purchase process. We\’ve all seen research about how buyers […]

[EN] B2B CMOs: From „The Lead“ to the Buyer’s Journey

Marketing needs to stop focusing on “The Lead” and start acting as a trusted resource not just for prospects and customers but also internally. Social media, transparency and buyer control have fundamentally changed marketing. Branding […]

[EN] Prospects You Lose Locking Your Content Behind a Form | Social Media Today

Interesting posting by Augie Ray on SocialMediaToday laying out the well-known (Marketing) challenge: When do you give away content for free and when are you collecting contact information to proof lead generation. For sure not […]

[DE] Der Marketier: Ein kleiner Karajan oder 10 Schritte zur Digitalen Marketingstrategie

Digitales Marketing wird – davon bin ich fest überzeugt – in den kommenden Jahren immer wichtiger werden. Unternehmen müssen jedoch von dem Einzelansatz – ich mache mal Social Media, verschicke E-Mail Newsletter, betreibe Search Engine […]