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[DE] Online Communities in 2016: Wie das typische Community Programm seine Ergebnisse verbessern kann

Communities sind meist das Herz von von Social Collaboration. Dion Hinchcliffe fasst in diesem Beitrag den State of Community Management report, or SOCM for 2016 zusammen und gibt Tipps, wie man das Engagement und den Erfolg erhöhen […]

[EN] Digital Communities: These Peer Networks are the Future of Business

A great case for the value of Communities: An online community lets you control your branding and deliver messages while offering prospective customers and partners the ability to ask questions and receive answers directly from […]

[DE] Neuer DNUG Vorstand gewählt: Neustart der IBM Collaboration-Anwendervereinigung

Eine persönliche Einschätzung Vor kurzem ist die 42. DNUG Konferenz in Dortmund zu Ende gegangen. Ein neuer Vorstand, der die Arbeit der DNUG reformieren will wurde gewählt und hat unterdessen auch aktiv die Arbeit aufgenommen. […]

[EN] Some of my Favorite Digital Marketing and Social Media Trends

Usually I don’t like the typcial 15 tips, 10 best blog posts. But here are some of my favorite marketing credentials included: 2. Blogging Will Continue To Dominate Lead Generation Creating great content and driving […]

[EN] An Effective Social Marketing Strategy builds on Content and Community – Forbes

Great article by Greg Satell on Forbes: Create A Community (Not An Audience) … without compelling content that informs, excites and inspires, social marketing doesn’t have a chance. It simply will not be effective. However, […]

[EN] IDC: 2013 – The Year of Customer, Employee, Partners and Supplier Online Communities – and integration

And in 2013, IDC found that online communities – be that customer, employee, partners and suppliers – has claimed the top spot. IDC analyst Michael Fauscette told that he wasn’t surprised by the survey […]

[EN] How the customer experience sets you apart in the age of social business: Part 2 — The value of community | SmartBlogs

Part 2 of my posting on outstanding Customer Experience has been published on SmartBlog for Social Media. Check it out. Here is my closing of the posting: In the age of social business, a good […]

[EN] Post the Document on-line before Emailing it | Collaborative Planning & Social Business

If you are sending information to a group of people, you should FIRST post that information on-line, and THEN you should email everyone about it. via Post the Document on-line before Emailing it | Collaborative […]

[DE] „Der Kunde nervt wie Sau“ oder Sascha Lobo zu Callcentern auf SPIEGEL ONLINE

Ein sehr lesenswerter Beitrag von Sascha Lobo. Es geht um Call Center, Kundendienst, Dienst am Kunden, zufriedene Kunden. Die Bestandsaufnahme ist in der Regel ernüchternd: Die durchschnittliche Service-Hotline zum Beispiel ist besetzt mit einer Person, […]

[EN] Turn Customer Care into „Social Care“ – Gadi Benmark and Dan Singer – Harvard Business Review

Social media has conditioned consumers to getting immediate feedback. In fact, a lot of customer service these days is happening via social media, and customers expect you to respond as though you were one of […]