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[DE] Haltung und Wahrhaftigkeit führen zu Glaubwürdigkeit

Haltung und Wahrhaftigkeit lohnen sich, denn sie führen zu Glaubwürdigkeit. Und der Wert von Glaubwürdigkeit sollte gerade in besagten Zeiten alternativer Fakten gerade auch in Vertrieb und Marketing nicht unterschätzt werden.

[EN] The Role of Social Media in B2B buyers’ decision making | CustomerThink

Some key facts and recommended read on the role of social media in B2B buyers‘ decision making, which should make us think. To put this in perspective, one American university study found a massive 75% […]

[EN] Web Content Management: Finally Time to keep to Our Promise

  Here’s my problem: people keep complaining to me about our current CMS. The marketing department says it won’t let them be ‘agile,’ sales say they don’t have enough leads and the IT department say […]

[EN] Lessons on Paid Media and let us respect our Customers [INFOGRAPHIC] | via Social Media Today

As a strong believer in good, relevant, if possible regional relevant content I do find this infographic and the findings of the survey behind it extremely useful. I do see a tendency right now to […]

[EN] Marketing: Why not focus on 70% of B2B Buying Processes, which are completed before Sales get involved?

A series of interesting facts and figures, which should make every marketer rethink their content offerings. A little bit black and white and banging on Marketers (while not covering the other side of the house, […]

[EN] 2015: You should be Blogging

Totally agree! If you use your website to market your company, you should be blogging. If you’re not blogging, make it a point in 2015 to at least give it a try. You might be […]

[EN] How valuable is your Homepage? How valuable is your Web Site?

I am a bit struggling with this posting: Google is your new homepage. Every page you have is a homepage for someone. We must think beyond the traditional homepage. “The value of the homepage is […]

[DE] Weltweit führende Belanglosigkeit: Corporate Blog als Zweitverwertungs-Müllkippe

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Ich sag mal:
Schönwetter-Posen bringen keinen relevanten Content Michaela Brandl hat noch einmal zusammen getragen, warum Corporate Blogs nicht funktionieren: Es mangelt an relevantem Content, es fehlt eine offene Kommunikationskultur,…

[EN] Marketers: 85 % of the Business Executives prefer Text when making Business Decisions

Content Marketing (in conjunction with Digital Marketing) are hot at this very moment. And of course Marketing Departments are discussing, how much and which content to create. Obviously in the age of YouTube and Instagram […]

[EN] Content Marketing: It’s about engaging with the 94 percent of Traffic that comes from Free and Earned

Focus on quality content, engage with influencers, start conversations, earn mentions … About a year ago, we analyzed 310 million website visits. Our research showed that a mere six percent of those visits came from […]