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[DE] Netzwerk statt Silo: Inhalte dort anbieten, wo Nutzer aktiv sind | Ich sag mal

Meine Website, meine Kontrolle über Content, meine Online-Marketing-Strategie, mein Link, meine Wagenburg – mit dieser egozentrischen Sichtweise kann man im Social Web schon lange nicht mehr punkten. Dennoch sprechen Berater, Verleger und Marketingmanager inflationär von […]

[EN] How valuable is your Homepage? How valuable is your Web Site?

I am a bit struggling with this posting: Google is your new homepage. Every page you have is a homepage for someone. We must think beyond the traditional homepage. “The value of the homepage is […]

[EN] Top Technologies to put the Customer at the Center | Forrester Blogs

Forrester is promoting a new report for CIOs on the Top Technologies For Your BT Agenda introducing a customer life cycle framework. Talking about Digital Transformation on every corner from Marketing, Pre-Sales, Sales to Customer […]

[EN] Why Digital Customer Service is now a Strategic Imperative | McKinsey & Company

  The problem is that companies from customer-facing industries that deploy multiple customer service channels too often assess the effectiveness of e-care by measuring individual channels, when customers today often move from one channel to […]

[EN] How Our Eyes Move on a Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

The folks at singlegrain have put together this handy infographic that takes a closer look at how our eyes move on a website or blog content, how web design influences eye movement tracking and interaction, […]

[EN] Just a Cool Feature: Inline Tweets – the new Tweet-Button within an Article on Forbes

Most probably for a lot of you not new: How to make sharing and tweeting easier … Forbes shows, how to do it. Within their articles here and there a blue Tweet-icon shows up. You […]

[EN] DON’T TRUST ME!! Only 9 Percent of Buyers trust IT Vendor Websites

#167313420 / In 2012, 50 percent of people said they would trust a regular employee (up from 34 percent in 2011). Why? Because people believe that they are more likely to get the truth […]

[DE] 10 Zutaten für den Weg vom Massenmarketing hin zu aktivem Engagement mit dem Kunden

Es ist nicht mehr zu übersehen: Die Art, wie heute Produkte gekauft werden, hat sich durch das Internet, das soziale Netz und die Vielzahl der mobilen Geräte, mit denen man „always on“ sein kann, dramatisch […]

[EN] New Research: Social Business Alone Isn’t Enough – The Three Elements of Digital Transformation

Good analysis on the pillars of  a Digital Transformation: Social Business Alone Isn’t Enough Social business helps executives flatten traditional hierarchies by empowering employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate across traditional boundaries. But, without a […]

[EN] Marketing In The Inter-connected World: What Is The Point Of A Website In 2014? | Six Pixels of Separation

A very valuable posting on Marketing in the 21st century, the importance of your own web site and the multi-touch sales process: We live in a world where screens are here, there and everywhere. … […]