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[EN] The Role of Social Media in B2B buyers’ decision making | CustomerThink

Some key facts and recommended read on the role of social media in B2B buyers‘ decision making, which should make us think. To put this in perspective, one American university study found a massive 75% […]

[EN] Lessons on Paid Media and let us respect our Customers [INFOGRAPHIC] | via Social Media Today

As a strong believer in good, relevant, if possible regional relevant content I do find this infographic and the findings of the survey behind it extremely useful. I do see a tendency right now to […]

[EN] How to Create a High-Converting Landing Page (@JeffBullas)

Very true statements on the importance of good landing pages with a clear, interesting and impactful call to action: What is the first thing visitors notice when they come to your website? If you’re being […]

[EN] Marketing to the “Connected” Generation

Think about it! This is the “connected” generation, those 18-34 year olds who are now responsible for $500 billion in internet spending each year. And in just a few more years, they will make up […]

[EN] Even more in Digital: You need to know your Customers

Are your digital channels the most effective ones? While digitization, overall, is a no-regrets play, some channels resonate more in certain industries. When we compared two retail brands, we found that social media converted consideration […]

[EN] Marketers: 85 % of the Business Executives prefer Text when making Business Decisions

Content Marketing (in conjunction with Digital Marketing) are hot at this very moment. And of course Marketing Departments are discussing, how much and which content to create. Obviously in the age of YouTube and Instagram […]

[DE] Zuhören statt Abhören – Die feine Linie zwischen erwünschtem Service und Spionage

In den vergangenen Monaten hat mich das Thema Big Data, Analytics und Personalisierung im Zusammenhang mit dem Tracken von Kunden- bzw. Surfverhalten stark umgetrieben. Jeder kennt das Thema ja: Cookies – und nicht nur die […]

[EN] Data should work in both your and the customer’s favor

As a marketer, however, I have to be careful with how I use shared information. As a B2B marketer, I have to be even more careful, since most B2B software purchasers have grey hair like […]

[EN] More than just a Vague Concept – Getting Content Marketing right

Content marketing is currently on everyone’s lips – that is to say, on marketers’ lips. Customers are apparently just waiting to be won over with great new content. Critics are quick to decry content marketing […]

[EN] Forget Inbound – Unbound your Marketing

Gleanster Research just published their evaluation of Marketing Automation offerings and Ian Michiels their CEO makes the following statement on Inbound Marketing: Forget inbound – unbound your marketing. … It’s also more expensive. Inbound is […]