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[DE] Wird Box Documentum und Microsoft SharePoint ersetzen? Oder braucht es mehr?

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf CIO Kurator:
Der Markt für DMS, Dokumentenverwaltung, Enterprise Content Management, File Sharing -man kann sich den Namen aussuchen – ist in Bewegung. Jenseits der allzu beliebten Diskussion, wie das oder…

[DE] Wandel beim Content Management: Mit Inhalten arbeiten oder … protokollieren, kontrollieren

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf CIO Kurator:
John Mancini, Chief Evangelist bei der AIIM, trifft in diesem Beitrag einige wichtige Aussagen zum Thema Enterprise Content Management und den von Gartner postulierten Content Services gemacht: ECM…

[EN] “[Trump] is like your legacy content management and collaboration technology.“ | Aaron Levie

I have to share this quote. And beyond the Trump-joke there is a lot of truth in Aaron’s statement. “[Trump] is like your legacy content management and collaboration technology. Lots of vague promises that don’t […]

[DE] Dateianhänge: Der Tod effizienter digitaler Zusammenarbeit

Sie sind der Beginn allen Übels. Sie verstopfen E-Mail-Postfächer. Sie verteilen sich wie Pollen auf lokalen Festplatten. Sie sind nicht kontrollierbar. Und sie sind der Tod vernünftiger digitaler Zusammenarbeit. Von was spreche ich? Dateianhänge. Seitdem […]

[EN] Content and File Sharing is not enough: Innovation through Social Collaboration

When reading this article, I am smiling. Structured Enterprise Content Management and Social Collaboration were always overlapping. What do you collaborate about? Very often documents. How are you dong this? Fore structured workflows perhaps with the […]

[EN] The Enterprise is Untagged and At Risk

According to the research, poor or non-existent tagging of enterprise documents results in two-thirds of senior managers and directors being unable to access key information assets within their own organization, leading to repetition of work […]

[EN] Why Content Management is Not Social Business

The differences run deep — so deep that current attempts to repurpose CMS systems as social platforms are likely to be futile. CMS is built for command and control. Social Business platforms are built for […]

[EN] A user centric overview of #ECM- Digital Landfill – Where does #SocBiz fit?

    via I am not convinced. I believe that Social Software and Social Business will change ECM, too. And this is not being reflected in the graph. We are going to discuss the […]

[EN] Upgrade enterprise processes and information flow « Dachis Group Collaboratory

When we work with enterprise clients we frequently see how email is the de facto medium for many processes, both formal and informal. It is illuminating to dig a bit deeper and expose the costs […]

[EN] The Content Economy by @OscarBerg: In the future, content management will become like air, invisible to users

In the future, content management will become like air, invisible to users. The content will be automatically managed. We won’t have to spend any thoughts on how to manage our content. We won’t have to care […]