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[DE] Plattes Marketing in sozialen Netzwerken: Follower und Fans kehren Unternehmen Rücken zu

Plattes Marketing in sozialen Netzwerken ohne Konzept kann schnell nach hinten losgehen – weil Follower und Fans Unternehmen den Rücken kehren. … Einfach nur Drauflos-Posten sollten professionelle Social-Media-Nutzer freilich nicht, seien es Marketing-Verantwortliche, Brand-Manager oder auch […]

[EN] Don’t Let Process Overtake Purpose in Marketing – Jake Sorofman

It meant mindless adherence to doctrine where, over time, the emphasis would inevitably shift from the outside-in perspective of the product, the market, the customer, the business objective itself to the inside-out (or sometimes inside-in) […]

[DE] Als Mitarbeiter aktiv in Social Media: Geht das? Wie geht das? Was sollte man beachten!

Unternehmen freuen sich oder besser sollten sich freuen, wenn Mitarbeiter als Markenbotschafter unterwegs sind. Sie verbreiten Informationen über die Angebote und Kompetenzen eines Unternehmens. Und soziale Medien, Communities, Netzwerke, Verbände, Fachforen, aber aber auch Facebook […]

[EN] The Role of Social Media in B2B buyers’ decision making | CustomerThink

Some key facts and recommended read on the role of social media in B2B buyers‘ decision making, which should make us think. To put this in perspective, one American university study found a massive 75% […]

[EN] Web Content Management: Finally Time to keep to Our Promise

  Here’s my problem: people keep complaining to me about our current CMS. The marketing department says it won’t let them be ‘agile,’ sales say they don’t have enough leads and the IT department say […]

[EN] Marketing: Why not focus on 70% of B2B Buying Processes, which are completed before Sales get involved?

A series of interesting facts and figures, which should make every marketer rethink their content offerings. A little bit black and white and banging on Marketers (while not covering the other side of the house, […]

[EN] Customers want a transaction-oriented, business-like, respectful customer service experience

This is what it will come down to: a transaction-oriented, business-like, respectful customer service experience where yes, the rep knows the customer’s name and history — and then is able to address the query or […]

[EN] Marketing to the “Connected” Generation

Think about it! This is the “connected” generation, those 18-34 year olds who are now responsible for $500 billion in internet spending each year. And in just a few more years, they will make up […]

[DE] Noch immer kein wirkliches Verständnis für soziale Medien in Unternehmen

Nun sind schon einige Jahre – oh mein Gott – vergangen, in denen das Thema Social Media für Unternehmen diskutiert wird. Doch mir scheint, einige Dinge sind auch nach Jahren nicht wirklich verstanden worden oder […]

[EN] B2B Sales: Sales People are still in

Some interesting facts out of SiriusDecisions “2015 B-to-B Buyer Study”. The buyer journey seems still to be a combination of Sales and Marketing touches: B2B buyers interact with sales representatives at every stage of the buyer’s […]