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[DE] Tschüss Mac, hallo Surface: Microsoft vermeldet hohe Wechslerquote und IBM sagt, Macs sind einfach günstiger

Die Nachricht war zu erwarten. Microsoft versucht Apple den Coolness-Faktor zu nehmen: Microsoft sieht aktuell einen Run auf seine Surface-Produkte. Als Grund für die guten Verkaufszahlen nennt das Unternehmen unter anderem viele Mac-Wechsler, die vom […]

[DE] Für ein freies Internet: Warum Firefox Pflicht ist

Ich kann Martin Weigert nur zustimmen. Auch für mich DER Grund, warum ich Firefox auch auf meinem Mac nutze. Angesichts von Chrome, Internet Explorer und Safari und den dahinter stehenden Konzernen, ist es fast Pflicht […]

[EN] Microsoft, Split Yourself Up—Or Your Enterprise Customers Are Going To Walk – ReadWrite

This is an extra-ordinary interesting read with thoughts on the Microsoft strategy and the planned acquisition of the phone business from Nokia: The message to enterprise customers and channel partners to date has been pretty […]

[EN] SharePoint was never about people and the way they need to work

A very interesting posting on CMSwire on Sharepoint. Obviously I do agree with a lot of the statements Rich Blank is making and I have selected the ones I like most: Short term cost savings […]

[EN] Microsoft: Late to the Party Again

Excelllent summary by Alan Hamilton. I personally remember discussions a few years ago when somebody from … said, they would never jump on the Social Bandwagon … Well, after all …

[EN] Microsoft vs Google: Office versus Advertising | ZDNet

Google are on the march, transforming from a search engine to a service that lets people merge the internet seamlessly into their social lives in ways that are just coming into focus to end users. […]

[EN] Microsoft to Apple: You Will Lose In The Enterprise – Forbes

Apple had the chance to define the future workplace, but have been largely silent on the issue. Here’s why: Apple has surprisingly little enterprise experience in the company despite its mobile device dominance in the […]

[EN] It’s All Social Business At IBM’s Lotusphere – Everywhere & Anywhere: Passepartout

I couldn’t help noticing how the 2011 IBM is far different from the 1995 IBM when I attended my first Lotusphere. That year Microsoft was ascendant and the press (no blogosphere then) held IBM as […]