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[EN] Practical Steps to Measuring Social ROI – Bill Ryan on CMSwire

A simplified or simple approach in measuring Social ROI: In any business, time is money. If you can show how your social initiative can reduce time and effort for specific tasks that leads to an […]

[EN] Eleven REAL reasons that show employee engagement DOES have financial results| The Social Workplace

A MUST READ on Employee Engagement and its outcome: 1. Greater Revenue Growth On average, the companies in the study with the highest engagement experienced 16.29 percentage points higher revenue growth over three years than those with lower […]

[EN] Social Business: 3 things leaders focus on : revenue, costs, risk | B. Duperrin

Great summary on what leaders really  want as Social Business output: 3 things leaders focus on : revenue, costs, risk No matter the name things are given, leaders want to know three things about a […]

[EN] The ROI of ROI: Does ROI Always Make Sense?

… ROI makes sense for campaigns and projects, but if what we’re really talking about is an evolution of business, then does it make sense to measure the ROI for an evolution?  If we all […]

[EN] Dramatic Difference in Approach to Social Media Metrics – eMarketer

via I have already commented a few times on the in my opinion misslead discussion on ROI and Social Media. Here are some interesting stats, where CMO’s see the highest ROI. Posted from Digital […]

[DE] Manager 40+ blockieren Social Media und Social Business? Und ROI gibt es doch!

Eine sehr treffende Charakterisierung des typischen Managers und dessen Einstellung zu Social Media: Die meisten Top-Entscheider in Unternehmen gehören der Generation 40+ an und stehen den neuen Instrumenten skeptisch bis ablehnend gegenüber und übersehen dabei, […]

[EN] How To Calculate the ROI of Enterprise 2.0 | Knowledge Is Social

via Interesting infographic! Posted from Digital naiv – Stefan63’s Blog

[DE] Die Macht der Empfehlungen | Social Media Today

Centers of influence, or COI’s, are people in the community that generate sales for your business through referrals.  Sometimes they’re customers. Sometimes they’re not. Some are members of your target market who influence their peers.  […]

[EN] Influence is not a Mathematics Game | Social Media Today

Influence is from the relationships that we build within our community. What do the people that know you or are exposed to you on the social media profiles say about you? What stands out about […]