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[EN] Web Content Management: Finally Time to keep to Our Promise

  Here’s my problem: people keep complaining to me about our current CMS. The marketing department says it won’t let them be ‘agile,’ sales say they don’t have enough leads and the IT department say […]

[EN] How to Create a High-Converting Landing Page (@JeffBullas)

Very true statements on the importance of good landing pages with a clear, interesting and impactful call to action: What is the first thing visitors notice when they come to your website? If you’re being […]

[EN] The Millennial Generation is (not only) Re-Defining the Web Experience

Some great points by Gerry McGovern. People – in particular the Generation Y – doesn’t believe any more in authority like the previous generations. Not information overload is their challenge. They use the web for […]

[DE] Netzwerk statt Silo: Inhalte dort anbieten, wo Nutzer aktiv sind | Ich sag mal

Meine Website, meine Kontrolle über Content, meine Online-Marketing-Strategie, mein Link, meine Wagenburg – mit dieser egozentrischen Sichtweise kann man im Social Web schon lange nicht mehr punkten. Dennoch sprechen Berater, Verleger und Marketingmanager inflationär von […]

[EN] How valuable is your Homepage? How valuable is your Web Site?

I am a bit struggling with this posting: Google is your new homepage. Every page you have is a homepage for someone. We must think beyond the traditional homepage. “The value of the homepage is […]

[EN] How Our Eyes Move on a Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

The folks at singlegrain have put together this handy infographic that takes a closer look at how our eyes move on a website or blog content, how web design influences eye movement tracking and interaction, […]

[EN] DON’T TRUST ME!! Only 9 Percent of Buyers trust IT Vendor Websites

#167313420 / In 2012, 50 percent of people said they would trust a regular employee (up from 34 percent in 2011). Why? Because people believe that they are more likely to get the truth […]

[DE] Replay: Wie Unternehmen Ihr Marketing ändern müssen: Der Kunde im Zentrum – Webinar mit iBusiness

Diese Woche habe ich zusammen mit meiner Kollegin Katrin Stein und Joachim Graf von iBusiness ein Webinar zum Thema Marketing gehalten und u.a. die Ergebnisse der neuen Studie des IBM Institutes for Business Value (IBV) […]

[EN] From Mass Marketing to Person-2-Person-Marketing – Dialogue and Real Communication

Last week I had the pleasure to speak at the next Conference in Berlin. My presentation had the title Marketing needs to change to be successful: Put your customer in the center! As a child […]

[EN] Web Content Management Trends in 2013 Every Marketer Needs to Know (CMSwire)

Great summary on the development of modern web sites and the challenges coming up: In the midst of this digital transformation, companies and public agencies realized they needed to be where the conversation was. Their […]